14-year old in Reading team at Champion of Champions

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2017 sees the District Champion of Champions with Modderfontein Bowling Club nominated as headquarters.  Representing Reading are Santie Balios – Ladies Open Champion, Corrie De Villiers – Ladies Senior Champion, Nathan Dinning- Men’s Open Champion,  Bruce Milne – Men’s Senior Champion, and Leon De Villiers – Men’s Novice Champion.

Without diminishing the accolades of all of them for their achievements, mention must be made of the fact that Nathan Dinning is all of 14 years old and Leon De Villiers has been playing bowls for a matter of months. Your fellow club members salute your achievements and wish you good bowling and the very best of luck for this weekend.

The League list needs your name on it.  You don’t even need to scratch for a pen – pencil is there hanging within reach.  Just do it.

Other lists that perhaps need your attention are the Men’s and Ladies Selection Committees.  New blood is always good, as are new ideas.  More than 5 names down means that a vote will have to be taken.  Also not a bad idea.  Points to be remembered are that you have to be a league player  to be a selector, and you have to be a league player to vote for a selection committee, should that become necessary.  Another most important point, and perhaps one that should not be necessary to mention, is your objectivity in selecting the best players for the job at hand.

Spring treatments are imminent on both top greens, so it’s off to the cabbage patch for all of us.  Comments overheard this past weekend were  that our beloved cabbage patch is playing well.  Hats off to Sean and the greens staff!

See you in the sun


Cabbage with heart!