Back to school, but more holidays are looming

Hello everyone

Welcome back. Kids have returned to school and the holidays are over (Until the end of the month when we have 2 more in less than a week). I trust everyone had a good break.

The course has entered that stunning phase where the autumn colours start to kick in. It is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors with mild temperatures and stunning natural beauty.

Please note that annual subs were due by 31st March. Anyone in arrears will be hot-carded and have to pay visitor rates until they make an arrangement at the club office, so please do so urgently. There are various payment options, so feel free to chat to us. We are well aware that things are tight for most people and are willing and happy to assist wherever we can. Our members are our lifeblood and we want to keep every single one.

The date for the opening of the 9th hole and new green has been moved to the end of the month, simply to allow the green time to settle in after the final top-dressing and seeding. It is now being cut with the full sized greens mower and is looking stunning. The actual date will be announced 2 weeks prior to the event to allow everyone time to book. We can’t wait! All the details are on the website.

No news yet on the final portion of the pipeline going through the parking lot and cart sheds. I met with the contractor this morning and he is waiting for the pipe-jacking people who went under Fore Street so successfully, to hand over the site on completion of their work… I will keep you informed.

There are only 16 names entered for the Joe Sher Singles Knockout Competition so far. You have until the end of April to enter so please add your name to the list in the bar if you would like to enter. Everyone is welcome.

Have a great week.

David & the entire Reading Family