Champion of Champions this weekend

EKB Champion of Champions will be played this coming weekend, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August 2018. The Champions representing Reading are:

  • Ladies Open: Corrie de Villiers
  • Men’s Open: Nathan Dinning
  • Mens Seniors: Claudio Delise
  • Ladies Seniors: Santie Balios
  • Mens Novices Rodney Sprong

Good bowling and the very best of luck to all of you. Fly that Reading flag high!

Quite surprising to see was, that out of 24 clubs in our district, less than half had representatives in both the Mens and Ladies Novice Championships. Are we perhaps not doing enough to promote the game of bowls, especially to our youth, and in so doing, also increase our membership in the various clubs? This is a great sport for all ages, genders, physical conditions, etc. etc. … the list goes on. Let’s be proactive in ensuring that it is always around for all to enjoy.

Our bowling greens are starting to resemble the willow trees on the golf course – there is that slight haze of green. Our once-brown greens have little bright green bits trying to push through. Spring is definitely sprung. One good rain and you will have to deliver that bowl with a lot more push, because the grass will definitely “be riz”.
Picked this up off the “Bowls #1Sport4Life” website:

“If you thought lawn bowls is a sedate leisure activity just for older people, you are in for a pleasant shock. It can be a game of skill and strategic tactics or simply enjoyable and relaxing – it’s up to you! ”
It’s only in lawn bowls that sayings such as

“How fast can you drive”
“Being biased
is a good thing”
“Get one in the head”
“Hit the jack”

get a completely new meaning!

See you in the sun