Darren Holder wins club champs!

Hello everyone

We are currently experiencing beautiful soft rain which does curtail golf rounds a little, but does wonders for the golf course and bowling greens.

We were towelcome NG Kerk Alberton Wes to “Reading” today (10th March), but after 130mm of rain, the course was too wet, so their golf day has moved to the 21st April. They do fantastic work in the community with their Lugstad initiative. If you would like to play in their day, chat to the Pro Shop. Next Tuesday (15th March), Reading Committee Member and Junior Golf stalwart, Deon Prinsloo is presenting a fundraising golf day for the Marais Viljoen Tuks Junior Golf team. If you are a supporter of junior golf, feel free to support this day. Deon does fantastic work with juniors, not only at Reading but at Marais Viljoen and elsewhere too.

There are 3 league games at “Reading” on Saturday. Good luck to our Senior, Mid Amateur and Handicap sides.

A small mention that if you win the Beer draw on a Saturday, you have won a case of local beer of your choice. We are unable to swop this for more expensive bottles of whisky etc. If you don’t drink beer, it would make a handy gift for someone you know who does. Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

Also to any golfers who regularly need ice on their golf carts to keep drinks cold during their round, kindly collect the ice from the bar personally. The reason is that a number of caddies are being sent around to the main ice machine by golfers and depleting our stocks and they are not permitted in the delivery areas of the club. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

The official date for the opening of the new 9th hole is Saturday, 9th April. The afternoon field will have the honour of playing on the new green first. Once everyone is finished their round, we will invite all members to join us at the green for a members photograph. This will be in the local paper and displayed in the club, so please come down to the club for the party and photographs even if you don’t play on the day. There will be great live music, fabulous food and a R5 000 must win member’s draw, as well as happy hour on all beers. Lots to look forward to, so please diarize the 9th of April.

Schools close next Friday and Human Rights day and the Easter Weekend all fall in this period, so it is a fabulous time for everyone to enjoy a well deserved break after the first quarter. The course will be open every day and we encourage our youngsters to get down to the club and enjoy a round of golf. Moms, dads and grandparents are all welcome too of course!

New parking stickers are available in the office for fully paid up members

Members, you are reminded, that yearly subscriptions are due and payable before the end of March 2016. If you have not yet made payment or made Debit Order arrangements, Please do so as a matter of urgency.

Have a super week and enjoy this beautiful club we all call our second home.