Farewell party for David and lots more!

Hello Everyone,

So the first long weekend in the March/April silly season has come and gone. The club was pumping and everyone took the opportunity to enjoy the club and its facilities. The bowlers and lady golfers both had braais on Tuesday and the festive atmosphere was wonderful.

There are a number of long weekends in the next month, so make sure you take full advantage and enjoy!

This Friday is BIG PARTY time! We start with supper and Trivia and then it is time to let our hair down. I will be playing music and would very much like as many of you here as possible. Come and say farewell in true Reading fashion – feel free to pop in for a Reading party! Family and friends all very welcome.

Our ladies play Medal on Saturday and it is Mixed Open on Sunday. Also remember Month-End Alliance and steak rolls as well as 100 Club on Saturday – nice and busy!

A BIG REMINDER! Subs are due by the 31st March for everyone. Please make sure yours are paid and if you need to make an arrangement or arrange a debit order, please chat to Helena in the club office. We are friendly, welcoming and accommodating, so feel free to chat to us.

Another reminder too, that committee parking bays are once again reserved for committee members only, 7 days a week. Please respect this ruling and don’t park in demarcated bays. Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

Have a super week and see you all at the club.
David and the Team