Golf results: Tuesday 06 March 2018 to Sunday 11 March 2018

Wednesday 07 March 2018 – Betterball Stableford:

1st: Donovan Main/Keegan van Jaarsveld (46pts)

2nd: Glen le Sueur/Frank Booth (46pts)

3rd: John Coetzee/Charles O’Brien (44pts)

Friday 09 March 2018 – Meat Comp – Individual Stableford over 9 holes:

1st: Neville Lusted (22pts)

2nd: Aubrey Kearney (21pts)

3rd: Grant Gilmer (20pts)

Saturday 10 March 2018: AM – Betterball Stableford:

1st: Stephen Kurten/Reinhardt Reichel (47pts)

2nd: Jorge Trojanovski/Hannes Snyman (47pts)

3rd: Chris van Aardt/Shaun Laubscher (45pts)

Saturday 10 March 2018: PM – Betterball Stableford:

1st: Brad Mower/Darren Mower (43pts)

2nd: Mauritus Crouse/Gavin Jackson (42pts)

3rd: Mauritus Crouse/Glen Le Sueur (40pts)

Jackpot: Holes 6/8/11/15: Carry over


Tuesday 06 March 2018: 4-ball alliance 2 to count – all scores on par 5’s:

1st: C.Weyers/B.Bester/J.Smith/V.Leicher (104pts)

Thursday 08 March 2018: No comp:


Saturday 10 March 2018: Individual Bogey:

1st: Natasha Johnston (+3)