Our Greens have been done! Come and play.

Hello everyone,

So we are in Disruption Central at the moment.

The greens and tees are being hollow-tined; we are removing invasive bluegums along the 9th fence to increase parking space; and Rand Water have divided our parking lot in 2 as the last section of the Rand Water pipe goes in. The good news is that all our planning is going to schedule at this early stage.

James Phillips did a fantastic job rebuilding the cart sheds. Owners may bring their carts back as the new sheds are complete. There have been some improvements including extra pallisade between all sheds to increase safety and individual plug points and proper charger holders fitted to all sheds. Owners are kindly asked to assist us in paying this back to the club at cost, as it is a big improvement to your sheds.

Please allow me to reiterate what I said last week about parking.

You will have 3 options with parking during the pipeline work, namely:

• Enter the big gate as normal and park in the visitors parking and what is left of the members parking area on that side of the servitude, as well as along the fence under the trees along the 9th. We have arranged for some bluegums to be removed and this will be done by Friday, to free up extra space. This would be the best option for all golfers. You can walk around the cart sheds near the 10th tee to the clubhouse and pro shop. This will be marked. A large spotlight will also be on to illuminate this area after dark.

• Enter the parking lot in front of the clubhouse through the gate next to the substation and generator. This will be limited as much of this area is traditional committee parking. The committee bays will only be for committee members on Saturdays and Sundays during construction. Bowls parking will fall away completely. No illegal parking in areas other than demarcated bays please, as this will completely block traffic. Please assist us with order in this area.

• The bowlers will all be parking in the overflow parking on the far side of the bowling greens for the duration of the construction.

We have arranged extra security for all gates and I appeal to everyone to assist with patience and consideration during this final phase. We wanted it to happen during winter when there were less functions, but it didn’t work out that way unfortunately. We are very busy with functions now, so please exercise patience if you are forced to park further away than you are used to. Thanks to everyone in advance.

The course will be open for play on Thursday afternoon. We bit the bullet and not only hollow-tined the greens, but the tees and a bowling green as well. This should prove to be a good move as economies of scale mean our labour is concentrated on the entire job, materials are bought once and we get this done in less than a week instead of having to disrupt the course again to do the tees later. The weather report says there should be 32mm of rain on Saturday. We are holding thumbs as this will work wonders for the course and speed up recovery nicely. As usual, Sean and his team have done a superb job and we are justifiably proud of them.

This Saturday sees the Springboks take on the Aussies at Loftus at 17h05. Make sure you are in the bar in your Bok jerseys!

Next Saturday is Hobo Day! South Africa tackle the All Blacks in Durban at 17h05 in the middle of our Hobo Day celebrations. It will be an epic day! Book now! Music, dancing and general revelry will be the order of the day! – “Reading” at its best.

The pizza oven and associated staff are coming along nicely. The quality of the pizzas is superb! I quote our President, Kevin, “I had my first pizza last night. It was as good as I have ever had”.

High praise indeed! We are limited by the size of the oven, so if you are in the queue it can take a while. The key here is to relax, have a few drinks and when the hunger is at its peak, your pizza arrives straight from the oven. Marvellous! Available at the following times:

Wednesday: 16h00 – 19h00
Friday: 16h00 – 20h00
Saturday: 12h00 – 19h00
Sundays and public holidays: 12h00 – 18h00

I wish you all a marvelous week! See you all at the club.

Best wishes,
Dave and the Team