Heptagon tournament still a favourite

This Friday night is fun with another round of Trivia.  I have been assured that the quiz master has taken into account the fact that most of us need to relax at our age, instead of frazzling our brains as we did in the previous event.  The questions are going to be much easier, so fun it should be.  Come on down and be there for the draw – you could be the lucky one to win the Barrel of Fortune – and then stay on for the Trivia.

Our club is still looking so magnificent in spite of the falling leaves and brown grass on our bowling greens.  Brown grass is awesome news because now you really have to focus and concentrate as the greens get faster.  Cut your grass and you are “dead in the water”.  This is when bowls becomes a challenge and is certainly not “old man’s marbles”.

The Heptagon continues to be a much-liked tournament and all the participants look forward to the next round.  Amazing how your standing can change in the blink of an eye, or rather, the results of one game.  No wonder this game we all love so much has a vice-like grip on all of us.  We just know we can play better than the last game we played!  I do believe that this also applies to our golfing buddies.

Remember to check your notice boards for all the latest news, particularly for the competition cardings.

See you in the sun,