Heritage Day celebrations

Heritage Day was celebrated in several ways this past Tuesday. The lady golfers held their annual charity day, whilst the bowlers played for the Jacks vs Jills trophy. Even with the help of “Leonie” aka Leon De Villiers, and “Clivia” a visiting gent called Clive, who played for the ladies, the girls couldn’t quite crack it this year. There is always next year, though.

Adding to the festive vibes were the staff who looked stunning in their various traditional costumes. Unfortunately getting them all together for a photo would have held up their servicing the very thirsty patrons. Well done, ladies, both for your beautiful costumes and your excellent service.

Hats off to the lady bowlers who convinced the golfers playing in the Charity Day that they needed to part with some of their hard-earned cash and buy raffles or shooters. To Janet Blyth, June Cronje, Elsa Dyason and Dianne Kendal, thank you for representing the rest of the Reading bowlers in contributing your time and effort towards the success of the lady golfers Charity Day.

The official opening of the new EKB 2019/2020 season takes place at Alberton Bowling Club this Saturday, 28th September 2019. Wishing all Reading bowlers a successful new season and the continued enjoyment of this sport we love.

See you in the sun