HOBO DAY is here!

Hello everyone!

Let’s start with the party! Hobo Day is on Saturday. The biggest party of the year is just a couple of days away. The good news is that it is cheaper than last year! Only R300 per player this year as the live entertainment is being replaced by the Bokke vs All Blacks at 5pm. The incredible food by Harbour Fish & Grill is still included and I will be playing any and all of your favourites later too! We will revisit the “Battle of the DJs” idea so if you want to choose your 3 favourite party songs, I will be happy to play them. This promises to be an unforgettable day! Book at the pro shop now! Table bookings can be made with Roz on (011) 907 8906.

Other dates to diarise:
• 21st October – Putting competition
• 12th November – Captain vs Vice Captain (Huge day with the annual club prizegiving for all competitions. All winners must please attend. Trophies to all winners!)
• 4th December – Children’s Christmas Tree
• 18th December – Member’s Christmas Lunch

The Rand Water pipeline is progressing very well! Excavation is finished. There is 1 big rock that will be blasted on Friday and then the pipe goes in. Parking remains as follows:

• Golfers in the usual gate. There is space in the trees along the 9th fence too now that we have removed a number of bluegums.
• Bowlers all in the far gate parking on the far side of the bowling greens.
• Committees and functions in gate alongside generator.

Thanks again for your understanding with this final phase. It should be completed very quickly.

The hollow-tining and liming of the greens have gone very well. The lime increases calcium and raises the PH, as these 2 issues needed to be addressed. The low PH allows the moss to thrive, so raising it will help matters. The tees have also been hollow-tined and are currently being top-dressed. The Woolf bowling green has also been scarified and top dressed. Kessel will be next.

Just a reminder that the end of the year is drawing closer and we will be sending out reminders for next year’s subs at the end of the month. As per the club constitution, if you plan to resign, you must send your resignation to me in writing before the 31st of December. Obviously we don’t want to lose anyone, so I hope I don’t get any such e-mails, but if you do plan on leaving next year, please send me an e-mail.

Have a great week! See you all on Saturday!

Best wishes,
Dave and the Team