Honorary Membership for Santie

Congratulations to Santie Balios on being awarded Honorary Membership for all her bowling achievements and the many accolades she has brought to our club. A member of Reading for over 21 years, Santie was the District Woman’s Open Singles Champion of Champions in 2002/2003, Senior Women’s Masters winner in 2009/2010, District Senior Women’s Singles winner in 2010 and 2017. She has won the club Open Singles Championship eight times from 2001 to 2018 and as a result of this, has represented Reading in the District Champion of Champions over all these years.
Of the eight District pennants won by Reading, Santie’s name appears on six of them as a member of a team or as a singles winner. She was also selected to play in the District Masters tournament on numerous occasions. So very well deserved, Santie. We are so proud of you.

The first Saturday League game will be played on 27th October 2018. The League sides for both men and ladies have been selected and are on the notice boards. The District Women’s Midweek Pairs starts on Wednesday 31st October 2018. Remember to check the notice boards for details.

Once again, it’s that time of the year when we move down to our third green as the top two receive their spring treatment. Although it is still affectionately referred to as the “cabbage patch”, it is anything but. And are we not lucky to be able to continue playing throughout the entire year! Viva, Reading!

Santie Balios

See you in the sun,