Ian through to semi-finals

HUGE congratulations to Ian Dinning who is through to the semi-finals of the EKB
2019 Open Men’s Singles Championship to be played this coming Sunday, 9th June
at Edenvale Bowling Club. We are rooting for you, Ian, and wish you good bowling
and good luck. So very well done to have come this far. Ian’s opponent is Scott
Blyth, son of John Blyth Jnr, and grandson of Janet and John Blyth Snr. Starting
time is 09.00 hrs.

The EKB Greens Report reveals that both top greens have been graded “B” and are
acceptable for District competitions. More good news for Reading.
The Ladies Heptagon Tournament continues and the next two rounds will be played
at Reading on Tuesday 11th and 18th June 2019.

See you in the sun


Ian Dinning