No relegations for Reading

We did good in the Saturday League.  Men’s Division 2B winners will play Division 2A winners, Heidelberg, in the playoffs this coming Saturday, 24th February 2018 for an outright winner of this division.  Division 3A finished in second place, with just 2 points separating them from the winners.  So close!  Ladies Premier B also finished in second place, and Ladies Division 1B finished in fourth place.  No relegations for Reading!  Well done to all our league players.  You flew the Reading flag high.

And now, at Reading, and every other club in our District, bowling matters return to normal.  League always exerts immense pressure on any club.  The Committee and Selection Committee are blamed for everything adverse that happens at the club.  This is normal in the bowling world.  To all of us who feel we could do a better job, the next time nominations are on the notice board for committee members or selection committee members, do put your name down and prove you have the solution to any and every problem.  New blood is always good.

Our bowling greens are playing well.  Thank you Sean and your hardworking crew.  The golf course is looking majestic.  Where else could you play your chosen sport in such beautiful surroundings.  Viva, Reading!

The Barrel of Fortune and the Joker Jackpot draws are climbing at a steady pace.  Be in the bar on a Friday evening and you could be taking home a tidy sum.

See you in the sun!