A Reading man in heart and soul

Born and bred Albertonian, Mark Peterson (50) was recently elected President of the Reading Country Club Governing Body, an honor and privilege he says he doesn’t take lightly.

“I regard our club as one of the most prestigious in the region, it’s built on a solid foundation of excellent governance and I will strive to continue in the same vein and ensure that the club will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Mark is not ashamed to admit that he is a Reading man “in heart and soul.” Reading Country Club, he says, has a deep-rooted history and a history all club members are proud of. “Our members, myself included, have stood by the club and its various committees in good and bad times, where our loyalty more often than not pushed the club forward,” Mark says.

Himself a keen golfer, playing off a 16 handicap, Mark says that his vision for the club is to grow the membership numbers by creating an affordable and sustainable environment, not just for golfers and bowlers, but for the whole community where families and non-playing members can enjoy a social outing in beautiful surrounds. Apart from the golf and membership packages, Reading also offers social membership packages.

Both the Reading golf course and the bowling green enjoy high praise from it players, a fact Mark is extremely proud of.  “We started hosting some serious golf tournaments and are in the process of completing a practice area, a pre-requisite when hosting tournaments.”

“We also offer some beautiful venues for hire, venues with a view, with endless possibilities in terms of combining our offerings, for example team building exercises. In working together, we can grow together.”

“We have to be willing to adapt to change,” Mark says, “and offer our younger generation opportunities that weren’t there before.” Mark aims to place a lot of emphasis in growing the junior golf section and would like to see the junior section grow to a 100 at any time.

“I’m looking forward to my term as President and hope to achieve the goals I’ve set out. The club and its good health will always enjoy first priority in any decisions we as a Governing Body will take!”

Mark Peterson, President of the Reading Governing Body